• Week 6  
     condone (verb)to forgive or overlook an offense by treating the wrongdoer as if he had done nothing wrong 
    synonyms: pardon, excuse, acquit
    antonyms: condemn, indict, avenge 
     connive (verb)to cooperate secretly in a wrongdoing 
    synonyms: collaborate, conspire
    antonyms: none 
     connoisseur (noun)an expert; a critical judge in matters of culture, food, or wine 
    synonyms: expert, virtuoso, critic
    antonyms: novice, beginner, amateur 
    contrite (adj) showing deep regret and sorrow, usually for having committed some wrongdoing 
    synonyms: repentant, remorseful, penitent
    antonyms: obdurate, shameless, unrepentant 
    copious (adj) abundant; large in number or quantity 
    synonyms: profuse, bountiful, plentiful
    antonyms: meager, sparse, scanty 
    crass (adj)   coarse, stupid, tasteless 
    synonyms: crude, obtuse, graceless
    antonyms: suave, polished, refined 
     credence (noun)belief or trust 
    synonyms: credit, faith
    antonyms: distrust, skepticism, doubt 
    culinary (adj) having to do with the kitchen or cooking none 
    culmination (noun) attainment by anything of its highest point or degree 
    synonyms: end, finale, climax
    antonyms: beginning, root 
     cult (noun-can be adj)a fad-like devotion to a person, thing, or idea; a group of people with such a devotion 
    synonyms: sect 
    antonyms: none