• Week 7
     cynical (adj)inclined to distrust or deny the goodness or sincerity of human motive 
    synonyms: distrustful, skeptical, scornful
    antonyms: idealistic, optimistic 
     decorum (noun)conformity to accepted standards of conduct; proper behavior 
    synonyms: propriety, dignity, etiquette
    antonyms: impropriety, inappropriateness 
     demagogue (noun)a leader who appeals to the emotions and prejudices of people, especially to advance   synonyms: agitator, ringleader, rabble-rouser
    demure (adj) quiet and modest   
     synonyms: modest, decorous, reserved
    antonyms: audacious, conceited, blunt 
    deprecate (verb) to express disapproval of; to depreciate one's effort 
    synonyms: belittle, disparage
    antonyms: approve, commend, praise 
    destitute (adjective)extremely poor, lacking necessities like food and shelter 
    synonyms: indigent, impoverished, penniless
    antonyms: opulent, affluent 
    diffident (adj) lacking in self-confidence; shy 
    synonyms: timid, shy, modest 
    antonyms: arrogant, aggressive, forward 
    dilemma (noun)a difficult choice, especially a choice between two equally undesirable alternativessynonyms: quandary, plight, predicament 
     dilettante (noun) one who studies an art or science for mere amusement 
    synonyms: trifler, dabbler
    antonyms: expert, professional, connoisseur 
     disparity (noun)inequality, difference 
    synonyms: disproportion, dissimilarity
    antonyms: parity, likeness, equality