• Week 8

    divulge (verb)

    to tell or reveal (as a secret)

    synonyms: uncover, unveil, disclose

    antonyms: cloak, veil, conceal

    docile (adj)

    easy to teach or manage

    synonyms: submissive, compliant

    antonyms: unmanageable, headstrong, willful

    dogmatic (adj)

    stating an opinion in an authoritative or arrogant manner

    synonyms: arrogant, dictatorial

    antonyms: humble, servile

    dole (verb)

    to distribute, to give out sparingly

    synonyms: apportion, measure

    dolorous (adj)

    mournful, sad

    synonyms: sorrowful, painful

    antonyms: happy, joyful

    dour (adj)

    gloomy, sullen

    synonyms: stern, severe, forbidding

    antonyms: pleasant, happy

    droll (adj)

    amusing in an odd way

    synonyms: funny, wry

    antonyms: dull, flat, boring

    duplicity (noun)

    intentional deceit in speech or conduct

    synonyms: hypocrisy, deception

    antonyms: straightforwardness, honesty

    effigy (noun)

    an image of a person or thing, usually a crude image of a hated person

    synonyms: image, representation, figure

    emaciated (adj)

    extremely thin, wasted away

    synonyms: shriveled, withered

    antonyms: plump, fattened