• Week 9

    emulate (verb)

    to try and be equal or better than, to imitate

    synonym: strive

    enamored (verb)

    to be in love with

    synonyms: desired, charmed, captivated

    antonym: disliked

    enhance (verb)

    to increase the value or beauty of something

    synonyms: improve, heighten, intensify

    antonyms: diminish, decrease

    enigma (noun)

    a puzzling or seemingly inexplicable situation, person, etc.

    synonyms: riddle, secret, mystery

    enraptured (verb)

    to be delighted beyond measure

    synonyms: enchanted, charmed, entranced

    enunciate (verb)

    to pronounce words clearly and distinctly

    synonyms: articulate, state

    antonyms: mumble, stutter

    erudite (adj)

    scholarly, having or showing a wide knowledge gained from reading

    synonyms: learned, bookish

    antonyms: unlettered, illiterate

    ethnic (adj)

    of or having to do with races or classes of people and their language, culture, history, etc.

    synonyms: cultural, racial

    evince (verb)

    to show clearly

    synonyms: demonstrate, indicate, prove

    evoke (verb)

    to call forth, to draw forth

    synonyms: summon, conjure up, elicit, extract

     exhort (verb)to use words or arguments to incite one to good deeds synonyms: urge 
    exodus (noun) a departure, especially in a large group 
    synonym: withdrawal
    antonym: entry, a returning  
    expatriate (noun) one who chooses to leave his or her native country none 
    expedient (adj) the best means to do something under a given set
    of circumstances, especially if it will bring about
    personal gain 
    synonyms: convenient, advantageous
    antonyms: unfavorable, detrimental 
    explicit (adj)clearly stated 
    synonyms: exact, precise, definite
    antonyms: ambiguous, vague