• Week 10

    expound (verb)

    to explain; to set forth point by point; to interpret


    expunge (verb)

    to erase

    synonyms: blot, wipe, or strike out

    extol (verb)

    to praise highly

    synonyms: eulogize, glorify, laud

    antonyms: belittle, denigrate, disparage

    extradite (verb)

    to turn a prisoner over to the jurisdiction of another country or state where the crime was allegedly committed


    extraneous (adj)

    not belonging; foreign; nonessential

    synonyms: alien, extrinsic, irrelevant

    antonyms: relevant, intrinsic, essential

    extrovert (noun)

    one who is outgoing, friendly; one who is more interested in what is going on around him or her than in his or her own inner being or thoughts

    synonyms: outgoing, affable

    antonyms: introvert, withdrawn

    exult (verb)

    to rejoice over a success or victory

    synonyms: to rejoice, to leap for joy/triumph

    fallacy (noun)

    a false or mistaken idea

    synonyms: error, untruth, falsehood

    antonyms: truism, fact, axiom

    feasible (adj)

    reasonable, likely; capable of being carried out

    synonym: possible

    antonym: impartial

    fiasco (noun)

    a complete, ridiculous failure

    synonyms: debacle, disaster

    antonyms: success

    fickle (adj)

    likely to change without reason

    synonyms: vascillating, capricious

    antonyms: steadfast, determined, loyal

    fluctuate (verb)

    to move; to vary irregularly

    synonyms: vacillate, waver, sway

    antonyms: stay, abide, persist

    formidable (adj)

    hard to overcome or deal with; causing fear or awe

    synonyms: menacing, appalling, dreadful

    antonyms: harmless, feeble, insignificant

    frowzy (adj)

    dirty, unkempt

    synonyms: untidy, slovenly

    antonyms: clean, tidy

    frugal (adj)

    not wasteful; thrifty

    synonyms: provident, economical

    antonyms: wasteful