• Week 11

    frustrate (verb)

    to bring to nothing; to thwart, to baffle

    synonyms: balk, thwart, hinder

    antonyms: abet, facilitate, succor

    furtive (adj)

    done in a stealthy or secretive manner

    synonyms: secret, surreptitious, sneaky

    antonyms: overt, open

    gadfly (noun)

    a person who annoys other, especially by rousing them from complacency


    galvanize (verb)

    to startle into sudden activity

    synonyms: to stimulate

    gamut (noun)

    the whole range or extent


    gargantuan (adj)

    of huge or extraordinary size and power

    synonyms: gigantic, huge

    antonyms: small, tiny

    gauche (adj)

    lacking social grace

    synonyms: awkward, tactless

    antonyms: graceful, polite

    genial (adj)

    warm, friendly

    synonyms: cordial, pleasant, amiable

    antonyms: unfriendly, unpleasant

    grandiloquent (adj)

    speaking in a pompous style

    synonyms: pretentious, haughty

    antonyms: humble, unpretentious

    gregarious (adj)

    fond of the company of others; belonging to a flock

    synonyms: sociable, friendly

    antonyms: unfriendly

    grimace (noun/verb)

    noun: a facial expressions of fear, disapproval, or pain;

    verb: to make such an expression

    synonyms: scowl

    antonyms: smile

    harangue (noun/verb)

    noun: a long, noisy speech or lecture;

    verb: to make such a speech

    synonyms: tirade, declamation

    harry (verb)

    to torment another

    synonyms: harass, pester

    antonyms: please, delight, enrapture

    hearth (noun)

    a fireplace


    heinous (adj)

    hatefully or shockingly evil

    synonyms: abhorrent, anathematic, horrid

    antonyms: laudatory, commendable, praiseworthy