• Week 12

    heresy (noun)

    a religious belief opposed to the establish doctrine

    synonyms: heterodoxy, nonconformity

    antonyms: conformity, orthodoxy

    hoax (noun)

    a practical joke (sometimes malicious)

    synonyms: deception, fraud

    hue (noun)

    that quality which makes one color differ from other colors; a particular shade or tint of a given color


    humility (noun)

    absence of vanity

    synonyms: modesty, humbleness

    antonyms: haughtiness, arrogance

    hurtle (verb)

    to dash; to move swiftly and with great force

    synonym: to plow into

    hyperbole (noun)

    extreme exaggeration for effect and not meant to be taken literally


    hypercritical (adj)

    overly critical; too severe in judgment

    synonym: faultfinding

    ignominy (noun)

    public shame, disgrace, or dishonor

    synonyms: disgrace, infamy

    antonyms: renown, eminence, repute

    impeccable (adj)

    faultless; without sin or blemish

    synonyms: immaculate, faultless, irreproachable

    antonyms: fallible, blameworthy

    implacable (adj)

    cannot be appeased or pacified

    synonyms: inflexible, relentless, uncompromising

    antonyms: pacified, assuaged

    inane (adj)

    without sense or meaning; silly; empty

    synonyms: foolish, insipid

    antonyms: significant, meaningful

    incarcerate (verb)

    to put into prison; to confine

    synonyms: imprison, constrain

    antonyms: liberate, emancipate, free

    incisive (adj)

    sharp; keen; penetrating

    synonyms: piercing, acute

    antonyms: superficial, dull

    incognito (adj)

    hiding one’s name, rank, position; disguised

    synonym: masquerading

    antonyms: divulged, known, revealed

    indiscreet (adj)

    not wise or judicious; imprudent, as in speech or action

    synonyms: rash, capricious, unwise

    antonyms: circumspect, cautious, prudent