•    Week 15

     noxious (adj)harmful to the health
    syn: injurious, unwholesome
    ant: harmless, wholesome 
    nuance (noun)a delicate variation in tone, color, meaning, expressionnone
     obese (adj)extremely overweightsyn: stout, corpulent, round
    ant: emaciated, slender, gaunt
     obstreperous (adj)boisterous, unruly syn: noisy, uncontrolled
    ant: calm, obedient
    odium (noun) hatred, the state of being hatedsyn: anathema, abhorrence
    ant: love, adoration
     officious (adj) offering unnecessary advice or servicesyn: meddlesome, interfering
    ant: retiring, reticent
     ominous (adj) threatening, predicting evilsyn: foreboding, sinister
    ant: nonthreatening, comforting
     omniscient (adj) having unlimited knowledge, knowing everythingsyn: all-knowing
    ant: none
     ostensible (adj) apparent, pretended, professedsyn: apparent, probable, evident
    ant: none
     ostracize (verb) to banish, to shut out from a group or society by common consentsyn: banish, exile, blacklist
    ant: welcome, accept
     pandemonium (noun) a wild disorder, noise, or confusionsyn: chaos, tumult, din
    ant: order, tranquility
     parsimonious (adj) too economical, stingysyn: frugal, thrifty, cheap
    ant: extravagant, lavish
     penitent (adj) expressing sorrow for having sinned or done wrongsyn: sorry or ashamed, remorseful
    ant: unashamed
     pernicious (adj) causing injury, evil or wickedsyn: detrimental, destructive
    ant: wholesome, beneficial
     pertinent (adj) having to do with what is being consideredsyn: relevant, appropriate
    ant: unrelated