• Week 16
    pique (verb)
    1. to cause another's pride to be wounded
    2. to excite curiosity or interest 
    plagiarism (noun) taking another's thoughts or words and using them as one's own
    syn: appropriation, theft, piracy
    ant: composition, creation, origination 
     plebian (noun/adj) one of the common people; common or vulgar syn: proletarian, undistinguished
    ant: aristocrat, patrician, distinguished
    precocious (adj) developed earlier than usual, especially mentally syn: premature, forward, advanced
    ant: backward, obtuse
    predatory (adj) inclined to rob or prey on others syn: pillaging, despoiling
    ant: nurturing
     prowess (noun) unusual skill or ability, heroism in battle syn: dexterity, bravery, valor
    ant: timidity, trepidation, vacillation
     pugnacious (adj) eager and ready to fight, quarrelsome syn: combative, belligerent, aggressive, militant
    ant: placid, pacific, peaceful
    purloin (verb) to steal
    pusillanimous (adj) cowardly, fearful  syn: fainthearted, timid
    ant: brave, bold
    quell (verb) to put an end to, to allay or quiet syn: abate, pacify, subdue
    ant: agitate, aggravate, instigate
    quixotic (adj) extremely idealistic, not practical syn: impractical
    ant: realistic, practical
    rabble (noun) a disorderly crowd, a mob, the lowest class of people syn: rifraff, populace
    ant: none
    rabid (adj) intense, furious, raging syn: violent, extreme
    ant: calm, tame
    raconteur (noun) a person skilled at telling stories or anecdotes
    raillery (noun) good-humored ridicule, banter