Ronald Wilson Reagan High School

    Hall of Fame

    Section 1: Purpose

    The purpose of the Reagan High School Hall of Fame is to recognize, honor, and provide an enduring memorial for those persons, distinguished alumni, staff members and volunteers, whose outstanding contributions have enriched the academic or artistic or athletic programs and brought honor to the school. The recognition of past individuals and their significant contributions in one or several areas such as citizenship, leadership, sportsmanship, career achievement in the arts and sciences, education, business, service industries, medicine, research and other professional fields  and  will serve to provide models for future generations of Reagan High School students.

    Section 2: Selection Committee

    The selection committee will be composed of a member appointed by each board of the Reagan High School PTSA, Athletic Booster Club, and Band Booster Club; the Reagan High School Principal and a fifth member will be a current or former staff member of Reagan High School.

    The selection committee’s five members will include two permanent members, RHS principal and a RHS staff member, and 3 rotating members, one each from the Reagan High School PTSA, Athletic Band Booster Club, and Band Booster Club.  No rotating members shall serve more than 2 years on the committee. To maintain consistency during the first two years of the Selection Committee’s work, at least one rotating member on the board will serve only one year during the first year of the committee’s origination.  The board member serving one year will be identified through the use of a random selection method.

    Rotating committee members will be selected by their respective organizations.

    Current selection committee members will not be eligible for nomination during their tenure on the committee.  They will be eligible to be inducted after their term is completed.

    The chairman of the selection committee will be the school’s principal or a designated committee member.  The individual will have the following responsibilities:

    1.    Responsible for coordinating all of the Hall of Fame meetings.

    2.    Responsible for identifying the date when all inductees can attend the induction ceremony.

    3.    Manage the Hall of Fame nomination and event time table.

    4.    Prepare the chairman’s Welcoming remarks for the dinner

    5.    Write the half time program and select with the principal, a reader to introduce the Inductees to the public.

    6.    Write all of the introduction speeches for the inductees and fact checking the information with the inductees.

    7.    Insuring the other working committees have met their objectives.

    The RHS principal will perform or delegate the following responsibilities:

    1.    Responsible for informing the inductees of their selection.

    2.    Responsible for extending verbal invitations to the inductees and asking for a photo.

    3.    Prepare the Principal’s remarks for the dinner.

    4.    Ordering and proofing the Inductee take home plaques.

    5.    Ordering and proofing the Inductee wall plaques

    6.    Act as the liaison for the Hall of Fame sponsor.

    7.    Arrange and coordinate any additional speakers such as prayer, sponsor, and emcee.

    Section 3: Categories of Inductees

    Potential eligible inductees shall be nominated. Any individual who has made significant contributions to Reagan High School or since their graduations in areas of Academics, Arts, Athletic or Service shall be considered.

    There are three categories of Inductees.

    1.    RHS Alumni/Former Students: this category honors all former students of RHS for their contribution to society or academic or athletic or artistic achievements and for enhancing the reputation of our school.  Former students must have been students at RHS for 1 year and graduated from RHS. 

    2.    Faculty/Staff Members: this category honors all RHS faculty, staff members and administrators that have contributed to the school, students and education.  They must be employees for at least 1 year.  Staff cannot be nominated until three years after their departure.

    3.    RHS Volunteers: this category will honor parents and local residents that have excelled in their volunteer work with RHS. 

    Section 4: Eligibility Timetable

    There will be a five year period after a student graduates and a three year period for faculty or staff member after completing service before he/she can be nominated for Hall of Fame membership consideration. Volunteers can be nominated at any time during or after they have completed their service. 

    Section 5: Nomination Process

    Any resident of the WS/FCS school district, Reagan High School community or graduate of Reagan High School and/or their family may recommend any eligible individual for consideration as a nominee. Each nomination should be submitted on a nomination form provided by the Reagan High School Hall of Fame committee for that year. Upon recommendation to the selection committee, each nominee will be placed on a list of candidates to be reviewed and maintained by the selection committee. All nominations must be submitted to the committee by April 1st of each year.

    Section 6: List of Candidates

    The list of candidates shall contain names of all individuals who have been nominated and who remain eligible for consideration as a nominee by the selection committee. A nominee shall remain eligible and on the List of Candidates’ records will be held by the committee for a period of five years, if the candidate is not selected in the year of his/her nomination.  After the fifth year the Selection Committee will review the nomination to determine if they should remain eligible.

    Section 7: Selection Process

    During the month of April, the Reagan High School Hall of Fame Committee shall call a meeting to review individuals from the list of candidates and discuss and select inductees for the Hall of Fame.

    Section 8: Number of Annual Inductees

    There shall be no minimum number of inductees in any one year. There shall be a maximum of five inductees in any one year except for the inaugural class which may exceed this number.

    Section 9: Induction of Individuals

    Individuals approved by the selection committee shall be inducted into the Reagan High School Hall of Fame and recognized at an appropriate ceremony each year. A plaque recognizing inductees will be displayed in an area designated by Reagan High School Hall of Fame Committee.

    Section 10: Modification of Rules

    Amendments and modifications to these rules may be made by an affirmative vote of no less than three of the five members of the Selection Committee.

    Section 11: Maintenance of Records

    All records of the Reagan High School Hall of Fame will be maintained by the Reagan High School Principal or by the principal’s designee, who can be defined by the Selection Committee or can be a Selection Committee member, with the records being stored in the RHS Media Center.

    Section 12: Working Committees

    The following committees will be established and maintain these responsibilities.

    1.    Advertising

    a.     Responsible for the all advertising of the Hall of Fame process and for the collection of the nominations. 

    b.    Announcement of all inductees to the public via communication mediums such as the web, social media and print media. 

    c.    Responsible for the arrangement of a photographer for the dinner and other photo opportunities.

    d.    Other responsibilities as assigned.

    2.    Print Materials

    a.    Responsible for sending the Save the Date Cards after verbal notification.

    b.    Formatting the printed invitations to the inductees with reservation cards for their family and friends.

    c.    Email invitations to invited guests (those who will attend at no charge) i.e.: School Board members, administration, members of the inductee’s immediate family

    d.    Email invitations to the public (those who will pay to attend).

    e.    Collect prepayment of all dinner attendees.

    f.     Design and create printed program for the dinner.

    g.    Design and print name tags for the dinner.

    h.    Keep databases of all past inductees including name, address, telephone number, email address and year inducted.

    i.     Advertisements in the football program.

    j.     Other responsibilities as assigned.

    3.    Dinner

    a.    Select and coordinate the event with a caterer.

    b.    Select the menu, and check with attendees about food allergies or diet restrictions, i.e. vegetarian.

    c.    Decide on the venue.

    d.    Decorate the venue. (Tables, chairs, dinnerware, linens)

    e.    Clean up the venue; explore the use of school clubs for service hours.

    f.     Decide on dinner entertainment, using school orchestra, chorus, etc.

    g.    Other responsibilities as assigned.