•              volunteers Looking for volunteer opportunities? Keep reading for important updates! 
                ** Please read this carefully.**
          All volunteers working in the classroom must be on the approved volunteer list.  There are currently only 42 approved volunteers for 2014-2015. Even if you have volunteered before, if you want to volunteer at school this year, you must go online and update your volunteer application. This is a quick process that just requires you to indicate which schools you are going to volunteer at this year.
          Parents who have never volunteered must also go online and complete a new volunteer application.  You can access the applications by going to www.wsfcsvolunteers.com. Parents can choose whether they want to be one of two types of volunteers: 
            - Supervised volunteer (Level 1)= clerical assistant, proctor, health room assistant, supervised class volunteer.
            - Unsupervised volunteer (Level 2)= Augustine Tutor, Media Center Volunteer, Day Field Trip, One-on-One Tutor, or Reading Buddy.
           Completing the online application is just step 1 in becoming an approved volunteer.  All Moore Volunteers must also complete a Moore Volunteer Training/Confidentiality Form, which they can get from Mr. Maglio.
      ** Before someone can work in any volunteer capacity, they must be on the approved volunteer list!!**