• monarch Sherwood Forest Elementary School

    Jane McCauley Barkley



    Dear Parents,

            I am so glad you are here tonight.   I hope you find our classroom a great place to visit and volunteer in.    

                This letter outlines general classroom procedures and may be helpful to keep to refer to later on in the school year. 



            Our homework assignments will be sent home on a one-page assignment sheet each Monday in your child’s homework folder.  We hope that you will provide a quiet study place where homework supplies may also be kept during the week. 

            Reading will be nightly and there will be one journal question to answer based on that reading.    The book selection may come from your own collection of books, a library book, or a magazine for children.  The purpose is to get children reading and should be an encouragement to curl up with a good book.  We will begin with 20 minutes of reading each night. If your child loves to read that is GREAT, and we have achieved our goal.  If your child is reading a chapter book, that is fine, too. At first be sure to help your child record the title and author each night.  The goal is for your child to do his/her own recording after you have modeled how.  A graphic organizer may be required many weeks instead of the journal some weeks to organize the information read and focus on a particular skill. 

            Math will be assigned most weeks. It will be assigned on Monday and taken up on Fridays.  Spelling will be completed in a spiral notebook.  We will teach the students to format their notebooks and will label the appropriate pages for the week each Monday.  There will be a front page outlining how to do spelling homework, and we will practice in class before your child is expected to do it at home.  Please return the spelling notebook each day to be used for Word Work in Daily Five instruction. Please don’t tear out the pages.  Just send the entire notebook to school.  Math and reading will be turned in on Friday. 



            Homework for a second grader should take 20-30 minutes not including reading, and is designed to provide practice of previously covered material.  It is not “challenge work”.  On homework sheets, please note the column for Notes and Reminders where you will see reminders or class requests.   If you send me a note, please do so on a separate piece of paper to be put in the notes from home basket.  I check this basket as soon as Eagle Eye News is over and then send any transportation notes to the office.  We may not go over homework sheets until the end of the day.   



            Our curriculum includes a variety of topics.  The subject areas are English/Language Arts, Handwriting, Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Health.   The mantra is deeper not wider.  More time is given to really learn the material.  Critical thinking skills will be emphasized across the subject areas. 



            I am happy to converse with you by e-mail.  However, my primary responsibility is to your students, which means I am not at liberty to check e-mail frequently during the day.  I will check my e-mail in the mornings and after school.  If you have a transportation change, it should be on a handwritten note so it can be submitted to the office, rather than e-mail.  I also welcome parents in for conferences, at my request or yours.  If you should wish to schedule a conference, I will send you several options for time slots in my day or after school.  Please do arrange ahead of time rather than dropping by in the morning or afternoon when I may be in a meeting. 



            Our lunch time is at 12:50. Children are not allowed to use the microwaves in the cafeteria for safety reasons.  There will be a break at 10:15 for snack and recess.  Please send an individual snack each day. It is a long time before we go to lunch.  Due to allergies, it is not a good idea for children to share snacks.    




    Fees:  A separate letter will be coming to explain


    Weekly Reader       International Day    Field Day Picnic                     

    Speakers                  100th Day                Field Trips




            Please review the school handbook for birthday celebration guidelines.  We will gladly celebrate with your child at school.  You and your child may choose to have a snack for the class at snack time or a dessert in the cafeteria at lunch.  Parents may come at lunch or send in your birthday treat.  NO PARTY INVITATIONS will be hand delivered at school. 



            Remember that we do not always have a shelter from the weather and rain gear is needed for some specialist classes and dismissal from school.  Please be a weather watcher so your child will be protected and warm.  We do go to the playground on the coldest days and coats will be needed.  It is great to have climate control in our rooms but they can become a bit chilly.  Some children prefer keeping a sweater or jacket at school.   

            Remember we are part of the main campus and students are to observe the same drop-off and pick up procedures as the rest of the school.  Please don’t drop students off or park along the driveway or butterfly garden area.  Safety is of the utmost importance to us at Sherwood Forest. 


    I look forward to working with you,


    Mrs. Barkley