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    Welcome to the site of one of Reagan's premier Career and Technical Studient Organizations, FCCLA, The Ultimate Leaderip Expereince! We have it all for every student! Aspire and challenge your leadership by running for a Chapter Office, State Officer, or become a national leader and run for National Officer! Enhance your skills and show the world what you can do in competitions! Help others and particpate in our community service and national programs! The possibilites are endless with Reagan's FCCLA!

    Check out the Raider National FCCLA 2020 Winners!

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    Congratulations and Thank you Ladies for repsenting R.W. Reagan and all of us Raiders at the 2020 National Leadership Conference!
    Take a Glimpse at some of the activites and events Raider FCCLA is a part of!
    2020 FCCLA Week!
    2019 District 5 Meeting
    2019 Dixie Classic Fair!
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    2019 Raider Homecoming & 1st Place in the Banner Competition!
    2019 FCCLA National Leadership Conference, Anaheim, CA!
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    2019 NC FCCLA State Leadership Conference, Greensboro, NC!
    Our organization is Student-Run and thrives on the Raiders that take part and want to do more! See you at our Next FCCLA Meeting!

    Raider FCCLA Memories:

    Dixie Classic Fair 2015! Reagan's FCCLA chapter placed 2nd in their Christmas Tree Competition and 3rd in FCCLA Booth! We were an unexpected entry for the FCCLA Booth, we got the call on Sunday and had 4 hours to put our booth together! Whew! But we did it! So proud of our students!
     Food Drive
     XMAS tree
    Congratulations to Esmeralda and Jasmine! Both ladies attended the National Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C.
    Congratulations to our 2015 Competitors
    who attended NC FCCLA 
    State Leadership Conference in Greensboro, NC!
    We are proud of you all! You did an awesome job representing Reagan at the 2015 State Leadership Conference - Greensboro, NC!
    Gold Medal
    Job Interview Senior - Esmeralda Ramirez 2nd Place HEADED TO NATIONALS!
    Entrepreneurship Senior - Sydney Carle 4th Place 
    Silver Medal
    Career Investigation Senior - Jasmine Hughes 2nd Place HEADED TO NATIONALS!
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    Congratulations to our 2014 Competitors
    who attended NC FCCLA 
    State Leadership Conference in Greensboro, NC!
    We are proud of you all! You did an awesome job representing Reagan to the State!
     Ms. Sydney Carle is District 5’s State Officer, and after a rigorous interview and test became the Vice President of Community Relations. She will be representing North Carolina at the Nationals in San Antonio, Texas. 
    Gold Medal
    Entrepreneurship Senior - Alexa Souza 1st Place 
          Interior Design Occupational - Cassie Hutches, Monica Medrano,
    and Hannah Snarski 1st Place 
      Focus on Children Senior - Olivia Helsabeck 3rd Place 
    Silver Medal
    Career Investigation Junior - Samantha Shaw 2nd Place
    Illustrated Talk Junior - Kortney Carvana
           Life Event Planning Senior - Esmeralda Rameriz
    Bronze Medal
    Fashion Construction Senior - Jasmine Hughes
     7 young leaders from Reagan are headed to Nationals in
    San Antonio, Texas July 5th!
    We are proud of all of our competitors! 
    FCCLA Compete!  
    Congratulations to our 2013-2014 FCCLA Officers!
     Reagan FCCLA Executive Council Members:
    Chapter Officers:
    President – Olivia Helsabeck
    First Vice President – Morgan McIntosh
    Vice President of Correspondence – Tiana Schroder
    Vice President of Finance – Andrea Deras
    Vice President of Public Relations – Alexa Souza
    Vice President of Parliamentary Law – Elizabeth Leftwhich
    Vice President of Membership – Gabriela Garcia
    Vice President of Programs - Sydney Carle
    Vice President of Community Service -  Julia Guarantano
    Vice President of Competitive Events -Zavious Mack
    Vice President of Social Events – Tatianna Flowers 
    Vice President of Inter Club Council Representative – Kortney Carvana
    Historian - Ashley Hall 
    Class Liaison Vice Presidents:
    Vice President of Career Center Liaison - Lauryn Carvana 
    " In Life there are Leaders and Followers.
    Take Note, You are Reading the Back of My Shirt!"
    See Mrs. Derouin for your FCCLA T-shirt -  Room 303
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    Get the Group Code from Mrs. Derouin to Join the Edmodo group for Reagan's FCCLA.

    Quick FAQ's & Links:

    What is FCCLA?
    Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America
    A student run organization that focuses on the Family!
    Who Can be a Part of FCCLA?
    Any student at Reagan who has taken a FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) course may take part in the meetings and activities that the club participates in. The cost is 20.00 (9.00 for National, 5.00 for State, and 6.00 for Local) However if you worked with Legend's Hospitality this past summer check in with Olivia, President or Morgan, First Vice President and see how much has been earned towards your membership dues!
    What Does FCCLA Do?
    We focus on events that involve the family. There are business and officer meetings. Also once a month we have a social event/activity that the member's choose to do. This year we are working with SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now) from making blue ribbons for awareness to working with them this Christmas for their santa party. Students also have the opportunity to go to the State Competitions and compete for awards, recognition, and scholarship funds in Greensboro, NC. If the student wins their division they have the opportunity to compete at the National Level in July, which will be in San Antonio, TX!
    How do I Join?
    EASY! COME TO A MEETING!Check the Calendar outside of Room 306 or Check in with your FACS teacher and get involved!
    FCCLA National Website: http://www.fcclainc.org/
    NC FCCLA Website: http://www.ncfccla.org/