Spanish Club

  • Sponsors:  Mrs. Misol Rodríguez 

    Remind: @spanreagan 

    Mission Statement:  to unite students in their love and appreciation for the Hispanic culture and its people

    Requisites for joining:  $5.00 dues

    Misconceptions:  One does not have to speak Spanish to join or be enrolled in a Spanish class

    Possible Spanish Club Activities

    • 5 de mayo fiesta –students get together on campus for Latin dancing, music, chips and salsa
    • Community help –tutoring students in Spanish
    • Mexican restaurant outings –members meet at a local Mexican restaurant to practice their Spanish-speaking skills
    • T-shirts –members submit designs for t-shirts and one is voted upon to be the club t-shirt
    • Food Fests –students bring food to share and socialize

     Opportunities for leadership

    President –runs the meetings, represents the club, organizes activities throughout the year

    Vice-President –runs meeting in absence of president, helps organize activities throughout the year

    Secretary –keeps club roster accurate

    Treasurer –in charge of the money received for any events

    Historian –takes pictures

    ICC Representative-Inter-Club Council liaison that keeps the Spanish Club abreast of other club activities and vice versa, meets bimonthly in the mornings.

Fiesta September 9th, 2023!

  • There are no upcoming events to display.

Last Modified on August 29, 2023