•                      'A' Day
                            7:50-8:10         *Morning Duty*
    1st Block         8:10-9:53         *HS DANCE*
    2nd Block       9:53-11:26       *Planning*
                            11:26-12pm     *Cafeteria Duty on Fridays*
    3rd Block        12:30-2:05       *HS DANCE*
    4th Block        2:05-3:05         *HS DANCE*
                            3:05-3:15         *Afternoon Duty*
                         'B' Day
                          7:50-8:10          *Morning Duty* 
    1st Block      8:10-9:06          *8th Grade*
                          9:09-9:53           *8th Grade*
    2nd Block     9:56-10:38         *7th Grade*
                         10:41-11:26        *7th Grade
                         11:26-11:59        *Planning*
    3rd Block      12:02-1:32         *Planning*
    4th Block       1:35-2:17          *6th Grade*
                          2:20-3:05           *6th Grade*
    The Phoenix Pearls meet every Tuesday and Thursday 3:15-5pm
    The Yearbook Staff meets every Wednesday from 3:15-4:45 pm