• Classroom Expectations/Rules

     Tests require study. Art making requires effort. Mastery of the materials is not required to succeed in becoming a better artist. Effort, patience, practice and a positive attitude result in artistic growth regardless of one's current skill level, a.k.a. success. 
    Attendance, Tardiness & Make Up Work:
    Students are expected to be in class daily except for illness or family emergency. A note of excuse will be required. All students are responsible for the work they miss. Work can be made up before/after school or at home. School Board Policy says that students have one day to make up work for every day they miss. Students are expected to be in class before the bell rings.  Come to class with a note if you are tardy. In my class, 3 unexcused tardies within one quarter will result in before or after school detention. If a student refuses to come to detention they will be written a D-1 and sent to ISS.
    Student Behavior:
    Students are expected to follow directions in classwork and behavior prompts.
    Practice respect for yourself, peers, classroom supplies, projects and the teacher. Disrespectful tone, action, language or other behavior will not be tolerated.
    Follow school dress code.
    No eating in class.
    Only have cell phones and other devices out when you have teacher permission.
    If you need to leave the classroom for any reason, ask first, wait for a "yes" and always use the room hallpass.
    Stay awake in class and keep your head off of your desk.
    Only write on paper--not tables, chairs, walls or other surfaces unless given teacher permission.
    Failure to comply with any reasonable directive from the teacher or from these expectations will result in after school detention, a discipline referral (D1), parent phone call or removal of priviledge.
Last Modified on August 23, 2014