• Fundamentals of Technology




    In Fundamentals of Technology we will explore the Technology Systems. The Technology Systems are: Manufacturing, Communication, Transportation, Structural, and Biotechnology.


    This is the beginning class for all students. This is a pre-requisite for our systems classes. This class is made up of mostly ninth graders but has all grade levels. Sophomores and juniors also take this class if they didnt take it freshman year and want to take our systems classes Junior or senior year. This class gives the students an overview of all things offered in our Technology Classes.


    This class is set up in a module type environment. Every two weeks you will be stationed at a new module. The modules you will experience this year are:




    Wood Burning

    Print Shop

    Egg Drop


    Robotic Arm

    CNC Lathe

    Mouse Trap Car

    Bridge Builder

    Spaghetti Bridge



    Computer Graphic Design

    Engineering and Stress Analysis

    Fiber Optics and Lasers

    Residential Design  3D Design Construction