•  My Philosophy:

    I believe all my students can behave appropriately in my classroom. All students deserve the right to feel safe in the school. A students behavior will not interfere with other students right to learn.

    During the first week of school we will go over school rules and create our own class rules that we can all agree on. I feel that it is important that my students take a part of setting the rules.

    All students will start each day on green/ ready to learn.

    If a student breaks a rule:

    1st Occurrence: The student will receive a warning and move their clip to yellow. Yellow is our think about your actions and make better choices.

    2nd Occurrence: The student will move their clip to orange which Is teachers choice ( timeout, silent lunch, walking laps at recess) .

    3rd Occurrence: .If the behavior continues to be a problem the student will move their clip to red and which will result in a phone call home and/or a trip to the office

    Students will also have the chance to move their clips up to blue and purple for outstanding behavior. A behavior calendar will stay in your child’s folder and they will color it each day so that you will know how your child is doing in our class.

    Please know that all students have a bad day every once in a while and I don’t want you to stress out over the occasional yellow square on their calendar.

    I want all of my students to have a wonderful year in kindergarten and with your help and encouragement we will do great things together. When you are positive about school your child will be too!


    Emily King

Last Modified on September 25, 2014