•  Box Tops


    It’s time to take out the BoxTops you saved over the summer and bring them to the office!  Please continue to bring in BoxTops all year, especially since November and March are when BoxTops need to be submitted (turned-in twice a year). 

    This year,  BoxTops is creating a new way to make it easier on parents. Now you can submit BoxTops via cell phone by scanning a store coupon along with the store receipt. Please view this tutorial from BoxTops to understand the process…it’s very simple.



    The earnings will be deposited automatically into Hanes Magnet School account straight from your phone. No need to do anything else.

    However, since this is a new program and participating products still have valid clip coupons out there, please continue to clip and send them into the front office, in a ziplock bag with your child’s teacher’s name on it.  Physical BoxTops are being phased out of production but can be used still until the scanning coupons replace them.

    Please contact Karen Copeland for any questions or concerns.

    Thank you!

Last Modified on September 7, 2019