• Course Syllabus


    Course Syllabus for Mrs. J. Hanson, BSN, MSN/Health Science Education Instructor

    East Forsyth High School 336-703-6735 jhanson@wsfcs.k12.nc.us

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    I am delighted that your student has chosen Health Sciences (HS) as his/her course of study and career pathway. The curriculum will follow the North Carolina Career and Technical Education (NCCTE) Standards. I look forward to an exciting and productive educational school year. It is in your student’s best interest that we work together in a relationship for his/her education. I am available to discuss your student’s progress in the classroom.

    In order to guarantee your student and all the students in my classes the excellent learning climate they deserve, I am utilizing the following Discipline Plan starting the 2nd day of class. My mission for your student is: To challenge each student with opportunities to achieve success through an excellent, appropriate curriculum. It is my expectation that all students will behave appropriately in the classroom setting. I will not tolerate any student stopping me from teaching and/or any student from learning.

    Class Rules

    1. Follow all WS/FCS rules as specified in the current Student/Parent handbook:

      1. In the event of being absent, all make-up work and tests will be completed within 2 days after returning to class

      2. All students are expected to be in class on test day; all dates will be announced in advance.

      3. Students are encouraged to retake any test after school on the next school day to increase their grade.

    2. Punctuality and attendance is a must, students will not be allowed to class late without a note.

    3. Bring all required material to class each day, students will not be allowed to leave the classroom to get any missing material.

    4. Respect the rights and property of the classroom and your classmates. Return all materials and equipment to their proper place and leave the classroom neat and in order.

    5. Be respectful and courteous, be attentive, listen when someone is talking, wait your turn to speak, remain on task at all times, and no heads down on desks.

    6. ONLY one student is allowed out of the classroom at a time.


    1st: Verbal warning

    2nd: Written warning

    3rd: Parent notification

    4th: Discipline Record Referral (D1)

    Severe disruption—refer to administration

    Remediation and tutoring is available by appointment and encouraged when circumstances compromise a student’s performance.

     If a student takes a test in class and is unhappy with their grade; I encourage them to retake the test for a higher grade. One test may be retaken per quarter and MUST be after school within 3 school days of the original test date.

    HOSA-Future Health Professionals is an integral and important aspect of the Health Sciences curriculum. HOSA provides many challenging opportunities, leadership experiences, professional and social skills, community projects, leadership workshops and regional, state, and national competitions. All students are encouraged to join the Health Sciences student professional organization (HOSA). Our HOSA chapter will meet at least once a month and occasionally on weekends for community projects.

    For additional information, please visit the following websites;



    Please sign the sheet at the bottom and have your student return it to me. I will retain the original and make a copy for your student. You also view this information via my school website. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me via a phone call or thru email, email is the best and quickest way to reach me. Both contact information is listed at the top of the syllabus.



    Mrs. J. Hanson, MSN, BSN

    Health Sciences Instructor