• 7th Grade Science

    Curriculum Information

    The North Carolina Essential Standards for 6-8 science are the foundations for this class. During each unit we incorporate the 5E’s of inquiry based learning- Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate Evaluate. This will look a little bit different in each unit based on the content. Models and hands on activities are used whenever possible and appropriate to make learning as engaging as possible. Incorporated into every lesson is reading and writing.


    In 7th grade science we have 5 units of study:


    Cell Biology- In this unit we will study the characteristics of life and how the basic unit of life, the cell, works to carry out the basic functions of life. By the end of the unit students will be able to identify and explain the following:

    o   Parts of a cell

    o   Cell Theory

    o   Unicellular organisms vs. Multicellular Organisms

    o   Plant Cells Vs. Animal Cells


          Human Body Systems. In this unit we will study the organization of human body.  We are doctors learning about our bodies in order to understand how to maintain a healthy life. At the end of this unit, students will be able to explain the function and interactions of the following systems:

    o   Skeletal

    o   Muscular

    o   Circulatory

    o   Respiratory

    o   Digestive

    o   Nervous

    o   Endocrine

    o   Immune

    o   Reproductive







    Heredity & Genetics: In this unit we will study how traits are passed from parents to offspring. We become geneticists studying the traits of an alien family. By the end of the unit, students will be able explain how traits are passed as well as predict the passing of traits using Punnett squares and pedigree charts. We will also take a look a how lifestyle choices affect the likelihood of certain disorders.

    o   Reproduction

    o   Traits

    o   Genetic Disorders


    Force. Motion & Energy: This is a very hands-on unit. We will be engineers working on various modes of transportation which requires us to understand motion and how to move safely. This unit will involve a lot of math and data analysis to prove scientific theory.

    o   Balanced vs. Unbalanced Forces

    o   Speed, Distance, Time

    o   Simple Machines

    o   Energy Transformation and Conservation

    o   Green Energy


    Atmosphere and Weather- In this unit we are meteorologists learning about the characteristics of the atmosphere to be able to make predictions about the weather and air quality.

    o   Weather and Climate Characteristics

    o   Predicting Weather

    o   Severe Weather

    o   Layers of the Atmosphere

    o   Air Quality