• 7th Grade Social Studies with Mrs. Hepler



    This year in social studies it is a mad dash to cover the most important events in world history from the Renaissance to Modern Times. We will look at these big events and evaluate the impact they had at the time and how the influenced the rest of the world. Students keep a journal of all of the activities to record information and reflect on essential questions.


    Unit 1: Soc 101- In this unit we cover the basic ideas of social studies which include



    Five Themes of Geography


    Forms of Government



    In each of the following units we look at historical events through the following lenses


    Government & Civics


    Geography and Environmental Literacy

    Economics and Financial Literacy



    Unit 2: Renaissance and Reformation.

    Unit 3: Age of Exploration

    Unit 4: Enlightenment and Revolution

    Unit 5: Industrial Revolution & Society’s Response

    Unit 6: Age of Imperialism and WWI

    Unit 8: Boom, Bust, Bang

    Unit 9:New World Order