• What is PBIS?

    PBIS is a school wide behavior plan in which positive behavior is rewarded. Students receive feedback, on the spot, that confirms that they are making the right choices. Sometimes the praise is receiving a positive response from a teacher or peer, other times, students receive eagle bucks for their positive behavior.

    P- Positive

    (What does this look like? It involves the students making good choices, being a role model, and showing kindness to their peers, all adults in their community and themselves.)

    B- Behavior

    (What does this look like? This is all seen in the way they behave emotionally, verbally, and physically toward others and themselves.)

    I- Intervention

    (What does this look like? We all need to help them see the positives at this young stage in their lives where they can get the appropriate reinforcement prior to life outside of Elementary school. It is up to us (i.e. parents and school staff, as well as students) to help them learn ways of being positive members of society.)

    S- Support

    (What does this look like? This is up to all of us to be the support that the children need in order to help them realize their successful potential.)


Last Modified on October 5, 2014