• Incentives!
    Eagle Head Competitions
    The top 2 classes with the most Eagle Heads get to compete in the PBIS assemblies and play Minute-to-Win-It. Class winners of the competition earns a totem pole they carry around the school.
    PBIS cart
    What are the hot ticket items?
    • 5 Eagle Bucks for Jewelry
    • 10 Eagle Bucks for Bubbles
    • 15 Eagle Bucks for Small Toys
    • 25 Eagle Bucks for Snacks
    • 35 Eagle Bucks for Medium Size Toys
    *More information and photos coming soon! 
    PBIS Events:
    Each event is 30 Eagle Bucks.
    You can find a list of events on the events page, listed under each month. 
    Eagle Bucks?
    How can you pay for events and purchase items on the cart?
    When students show their positive behavior, they earn eagle bucks. They get paid for doing the right thing! They can spend their eagle bucks on classroom incentives, save up for the eagle buck store, or wait until their favorite incentive comes around and join their peers by celebrating positivity during one of the events. 
Last Modified on October 1, 2015