• What's happening in math?  Need help with your homework?   Well here are some key things to remember from class:
    Order of OperationsPEMDAS
    EXAMPLE:     4+2(15-8) /7
    Follow these steps:
    Parentheses:  Complete all operations that are happening within the parentheses.  (15-8)= 7
    Exponents:  Solve all exponents. There are none in this problems, however, remember that an exponent means that number multiplied by itself that many times.  For example
    math 1  
    Multiplication/Division:  Complete all multiplication and division with in the problem from left to right.  SO...  4+2(7)/7  2x7=14   14/7=2........4+2
    Addition and Subtraction: Complete the problem by addiing or subtracting from left to right......4+2=6