• Iron Eagles JROTC Cadet Staff

    Every year within the first weeks of school, our battalion rolls in the new cadet staff. Each member of the staff has been either trained specifically for their position or have earned their position by going in front of a board or simply showing strength in the job they have been given. Each member of the staff plays a special role based on their job.
    The Battalion Commander is in charge of the battalion and makes sure everything is running well.
    The CSM is in charge of all enlisted cadets, all First Sergeants, and they are also in charge of the Color Guard.
    The Executive Officer is in charge of battalion staff and company commanders.
    The Adjutant (S-1) is in charge of cadet promotions and awards.
    The Security Officer (S-2) is in charge of making sure the equipment our battalion uses is safe and secure when it is not being used. 
    The Operations Officer (S-3) is in charge of all activities within the battalion and makes sure the activities are followed through safely and effectively.
    The Logistics Officers (S-4) is in charge of the distribution of the Army Service Uniforms and in charge of weekly inspections.
    The Public Affairs Officer (S-5) is in charge of keeping the public up to date with what the battalion is doing by taking pictures and writing articles for local newspapers.
    The Company Staff is in charge of the cadets during parades, formal inspections, and other events.
    Battalion Commander- C/LTC Arieli Pruitt
     Command Sergeant Major- C/CSM N/A
      Executive Officer- C/MAJ Jason Albury
                                                                                          Adjutant (S-1)- C/CPT Josiah Sides
     Security Officer (S-2)- C/CPT Keaton George
    Training and Operations Officer (S-3)- C/MAJ Connor West
    Logistics Officer (S-4)- C/CPT Tatiana Zabala
    Public Affairs Officer (S-5)- C/CPT Kobie Crowe
    Special Projects Officers (S-6)-N/A
    Brigade Representative- C/LTC Austin Duncan
    Alpha Company Commander- C/CPT Josiah Richardson
    Bravo Company Commander- C/CPT Zach Parker
    Charlie Company Commander- C/CPT Matteo Perez
    Alpha Company First Sergeant- C/1SG Melissa Romero
    Bravo Company First Sergeant- C/1SG Jasielys Ravera
    Charlie Company First Sergeant- C/1SG Destiny Edwards
Last Modified on March 4, 2020