• Second Grade

    Life Cycle Study 

    Our second grade classes are very excited to watch nature unfold in their classroom with their butterfly kits. Many will be able to see them form the chrysalis around the pupa, and then develop into a butterfly. In the media center we are comparing the butterfly life cycle to that of the frog. In media class the students will learn abour metamorphosis and collect information about each of the four stages of the frog life cycle using a data bank. The following class period they will use the data bank, and a large piece of art paper, to illustrate each of the phases. Through this they will discover many similarities between the two life cycles.
    • Both the butterfly and the frog begin as an egg.
    • The mothers of both species lay the eggs and leave them.
    • The caterpillar and the tadpole both eat their egg casing when they hatch.
    • This complicated life cycle is called metamorphosis.


     frogs   frog2   frog3