• Third Grade
    Plant Study 
    During the third grade ecosystem unit they concentrated on plants and how they grow and thrive. In one media class we learned specific things plants need to live. We also compared plants to humans and found that we share some traits and we also rely on plants for our existence.
    • Everything that grows is a living thing.
    • Plants grow and so do humans.
    • Plants and humans reproduce.
    • Plants need air, sunlight, food/nutrients, and soil. 
    • Humans need the oxygen plants produce.
    • Many products humans use and need are made from plants.
    BEWARE! Poisonous Plants! 
    warning      warning2      warning3      wanted   
    As a follow-up to their plant study we researched poisonous plants, many of which we discovered may be in our homes, in our back yard, or on a walking trail nearby! In small groups the students created WARNING or WANTED! posters. They were required to identify their poisonous plant, draw a picture of it, and use 'DO NOT...' statements to warn the reader of what would happen if they did not heed the warning! The posters were great!