• What's Happening in the Media Center?
    Do you ever wonder what goes on in this beautiful space we call the Morgan Media Center? My plan is to update this section as often as possible to keep you informed on what your children are learning with me. Yes, we have over 14,000 wonderful books for them to check out, but that is a very small part of what goes on here in my 'home away from home.'
    • Sometimes this space becomes a Makerspace, where the students are allowed to be creative and work together to CREATE instead of just writing and processing facts.
    • I try to be an extension of their classroom, someone that can expand on what they are learning from their teachers and maybe take it up a notch to peak their interest in exploring a subject a little deeper, or find out something new.
    • I love to share new and exciting children's literature and no one ever gets too old to sit down and listen as someone tells a story.
    • We may even break into song or crank up a CD with some dance moves!
    • We always applaud and celebrate a great book or story.
    Above all, I want my students to learn as much as possible and have a positive memory of their experience here. My hope is that libraries will always be a necessary part of our society.  A library is a place where everyone is accepted, and a place where all are free to ask questions, seek information, find entertainment, and gain knowledge. What better place to instill these ideals than in an elementary library?
Last Modified on December 6, 2022