• STEM Club Update!
     We are so excited about our final exploration in STEM Club! We will learn about physics and simple machines by creating a Rube Goldberg Contraption.
    First year students' goal is to "recycle" a plastic water bottle. Their machine must end in putting an empty water bottle in a recycling bin. Other details are on the links below.
    Second year students will accomplish opening an umbrella. Be sure you read through the links below!
    We will meet again to share more support information and provide help if needed on Wed. April 27th.
    Our competition will be Star Wars Day: May 4th (May the fourth be with you!) We might go a little long that day. Once we have the final number of entries, we'll know how long to plan for the competition. 
     Rube Goldberg competition project information links
     We've had three fun meetings since our last update. 
    We enjoyed our paper airplane planning and competition meetings.  We learned about lift, thrust, drag, and gravity, and that these forces must be in balance to sustain flight. Then, we experimented with folding paper airplanes and held a competition. It was so much fun to see the various ideas and the impact that subtle changes in design made.
    Everyone did a great job!
    Congratulations to our winners!
    In the Distance Category: Davis, Jaylon, and William
    In the Height Category: Sebastian, Mercer, and Tori
    In the Acrobatic Category: Braxton and John
    Then, we put up our planetarium and enjoyed a visit from Lee Anne Stiffler. We could spend hours listening to Mrs. Stiffler tell all about the mysteries of space, constellations, and the patterns of movement evident in the night sky. Thank you, Mrs. Stiffler, for this amazing experience!
    We look forward to our next meeting on Wed. March 2nd! 
    Great job with Hour of Code! Here is the link to the news story:
    Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, January 13th!
    Enjoy the Winter Break!
    Our next STEM Club Meeting is Wednesday, November 18th. Remember to pack a small snack and give a transportation change note to your homeroom teacher. First year members should be working on Scratch Animations. Second year members should be creating one to show on the WEXP News to convince teachers to let us come and share coding with their classes. Also, Second Years, log on to our Edmodo group page (I sent an email to your parents with the information and code) to share your thinking about our plan! 
    See you Wednesday! 
    We had a great first STEM Club meeting! First-year members met with their groups to learn about their first task with Scratch Animation. Parents should create an account with their students at www.scratch.mit.edu . You will want to practice! Second-year members are working on a T-shirt design and a plan to get the most MES students coding during the "Hour of Code" in December. We can't wait to see you at our next meeting on November 4th!
    Mark these meeting dates on your calendar:
    Nov. 4, Nov. 18, Dec. 2, Jan.13, Jan. 27, Feb. 3, Feb. 17, Mar. 2, Mar. 16, Apr. 13, Apr. 27, and May 4.
    Audition results will be sent home in the Tuesday Folders on October 13th.
    Thank you to all of the eager, bright students who auditioned on the 7th. You were amazing! You made the job of narrowing the group of 120 down to 45 VERY DIFFICULT. We will use the judges' scores and the paragraphs to determine our members.
    If are not selected for STEM this year, please consider auditioning for Odyssey of the Mind or being a part of the Battle of the Books teams. Also, we hope to have more teachers/parents involved next year which will allow us to have more spaces.
    Thank you so much for supporting STEM at MES!
    Are you interested in being part of MES's 2015-2016 STEM Club? We have lots of interested students again this year, and we only have a limited number of spaces available. So, we will hold AUDITIONS on Wednesday, October 7th after school in the 4th grade pod. To take part, you should:

     - Bring a hand written persuasive paragraph convincing us that you will be a good club member.
     - Be ready to solve a hands-on problem with a small group of students. You will be scored on creativity, teamwork, and success with the task.
     - Arrange for your parent to pick you up at the front circle at 4:00.
     - Remember to have your parent send a note to your teacher on Wednesday letting him or her know you have permission to stay after school.

    We look forward to seeing you and to another fun year of STEM Club!
    Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Murray, and Mrs. Griffith