•  How to be Successful in ESL

    All students should come to class prepared to learn. I require very little in the form of materials, but do ask that students come to me with a positive mindset. All students should demonstrate P.A.W.S., our Core Values at Wiley as well as adhere to the classroom rules.


    I will provide all necessary materials to students. Items including a notebook, folder and any readings will be kept in the classroom. I only ask that students bring a pencil to class each day. I rarely assign homework, but when I do it is usually in the form of a study guide or flash cards.

    Beginning Students

    Students in the beginning classes should study every night. This includes English language topics as well as their core class subject matter. I only have 45 minutes each day with my students so the majority of their English language exposure occurs outside the ESL classroom. I will provide bilingual dictionaries to students if they are available, but this may not be possible depending on the student’s first language. It would also be beneficial for students to purchase a bilingual grammar guide. I will post more information about supplementary materials under the “Resources / Technology” tab on this webpage.

    Advanced Students

    The most important advice I can give students in my advanced classes is to READ, READ, READ! Students have the opportunity to check out books from the library during their Language Arts class and will also be required to do daily 5 minute silent reading during their ESL class. Most Language Arts teachers require students to complete a reading log and I encourage parents to ensure that this is done nightly.