• JUNTOS After-School Tutoring

    Wiley has created a partnership with a tutoring program developed by North Carolina State University. The partnership includes the YMCA and Crosby scholars. The program is designed to target Latino students in middle and high school.

    JUNTOS will take place Monday through Thursday from 2:45 – 5:45.

    Students will be provided an afterschool snack as well as transportation via activity bus.

    Students will have the opportunity to receive homework help as well as tutoring in math and language arts. They will be involved in numerous hands on enrichment activities including videography projects, problem based learning and STEAM activities, and life skills development.

    I worked with JUNTOS last year and I believe this is a fantastic program! I strongly encourage my ESL students to attend. I will be speaking with each of my classes about JUNTOS and will send home applications with all interested students.