• AIG Advisory

    AIG Advisory

    AIG Advisory Committee 


    Advisory Team Purpose

    • AIG Advisory Team members serve as advocates of the gifted program and provide feedback to the Advanced Learning Team.  

    Advisory Team Goals

         The AIG Advisory Committee will:

    • act as an advisory council to the WS/FCS AIG department
    • collaborate with the Superintendent, Instructional Services, other Central Office departments, schools, families, and community members to provide input to WS/FCS on the AIG program
    • annually review the local AIG plan to monitor progress in meeting plan practices. Submit any recommended changes to the Superintendent and BOE for review and approval prior to submission to the State BOE
    • serve as a liaison to the public by encouraging a collaborative relationship between families, school/district staff, and the community by communicating progress toward meeting the district’s AIG Plan standards and practices

    Advisory Bylaws


    2023-2024 Meeting Dates

    • October 18th 4:30-5:30
    • December 13th 4:30-5:30
    • February 28th 4:30-5:30
    • May 1st 4:30-5:30

    2024-2025 dates will be announced by the end of July