• Pre-Algebra (Math 7/8)

    Year in Review 2014-2015

    Math studies following the Common Core Essential Standards (CCES) will prepare students for the End-of-Grade Math Test.  We will be following the WS/FCS Scope and Sequence for Math Curriculum, and below is a very basic road map of the year. The state of North Carolina has standards for Mathematical practice for students.  These are as follows:

    1.  Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them

    2.  Reason abstractly and quantitatively

    3.  Construct viable arguments and critique reasoning of others

    4.  Model with mathematics

    5.  Use appropriate tools strategically

    6.  Attend to precision

    7.  Look for and make sense of structure

    8.  Look for and express regularly in repeated reasoning   


    First Quarter 

    ·         Numbers on number line, opposites, location in quadrants

    ·         Absolute value

    ·         Addition/subtraction positive and negative

    ·         Multiplication/division positive and negative

    ·         Problem solving using (4) operations positive and negative

    ·         Real numbers- rational and irrational

    ·         Real numbers on number line

    ·         Properties

    ·         Properties with expressions, GCF

    ·         Translating, different forms

    ·         Solve equations/inequalities with one variable

    ·         Solve linear equations in one variable


    Second Quarter 

    ·         Problem solving with double number lines, unit price, constant speed, conversion units of measurement

    ·         Unit rates with fractions

    ·         Proportional relationships

    ·         Proportional relationships to solve multi-step ratio and percent problems

    ·         Scale drawings

    ·         Graph proportional relationships, interpreting the unit rate as the slope of the graph

    ·         Use similar triangles to explain slope


    Third Quarter

    ·     Summarize mean absolute deviation (MAD)

    ·         Random sampling

    ·         Drawing inferences

    ·         Comparing 2 sets of data

    ·         Use measures of center and variability to draw inferences

    ·         Probability of an event

    ·         Experimental vs. theoretical

    ·         Probability of simple event, develop models

    ·         Probability of compound events, combinations, permutations

    ·         Solve equations/inequalities with one variable

    ·         Solve linear equations in one variable


    Fourth Quarter

    ·        Volume of rectangular prisms

    ·        Nets to find surface area of prisms

    ·        Drawing of geometric figures with given conditions

    ·        Describe 2D figures resulting from cutting 3D figures

    ·        Area, circumference of circles

    ·        Supplementary, complementary, vertical, adjacent, simple equations

    ·        Problem solving using area, volume, surface area of 2D and 3D

    ·        Properties of rotations, reflections, and translations

    ·        Congruent 2D figures

    ·        The effect of dilations, translations, rotations, and reflections on 2D figures using coordinates

    ·        Similar 2D figures

    ·        Angle sums and exterior angles of triangles, transversals

    ·        Volume of cones, cylinders, and spheres

    ·        EOG review