• Accelerated Math 6/7

    Year in Review 2014-2015

    Math studies following the Common Core Essential Standards (CCES) will prepare students for the End-of-Grade Math Test.  We will be following the WS/FCS Scope and Sequence for Math Curriculum, and below is a very basic road map of the year. The state of North Carolina has standards for Mathematical practice for students.  These are as follows:


    1.  Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them

    2.  Reason abstractly and quantitatively

    3.  Construct viable arguments and critique reasoning of others

    4.  Model with mathematics

    5.  Use appropriate tools strategically

    6.  Attend to precision

    7.  Look for and make sense of structure

    8.  Look for and express regularly in repeated reasoning 






    First Quarter 

    ·        Multiply/Divide Fractions

    ·        Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide Decimals

    ·        Divide multi-digit numbers

    ·        GCF, LCM, distribution of GCF


    Second Quarter 

    ·        Ratios, unit rates, equivalent ratios (proportions), percent of a number, ratios with different measurement


    ·        Unit rates with fractions

    ·        Expressions: evaluate, write, identify parts, equivalencies, and create real-world problems

    ·        Properties

    ·        Equations and Inequalities:  substitution of numbers, variables, solve real-world problems

    ·        Create tables, graphs, and equations using dependent/independent variables


    Third Quarter 

    ·        Measure Volume

    ·        Describe/categorize geometric shapes based on properties

    ·        Classify geometric shapes based on hierarchy

    ·        Find Area of triangles and quadrilaterals

    ·        Find Volume of right rectangular prisms with fractional edges

    ·        Create nets of 3-D figures to find Surface Area

    ·        Distribution of data (center, spread, overall shape)

    ·        Measure of center and variation

    ·        Dot plots, histograms, Box and whisker plots

    ·        Quantitative measures of center

    ·        Random sampling

    ·        Drawing inferences

    ·        Comparing 2 sets of data

    ·        Use measures of center and variability to draw inferences


    Fourth Quarter

    ·        Positive and negative values

    ·        Coordinate plane:  ordered pairs, plot points

    ·        Compare and order rational numbers; absolute value

    ·        Find distance between points on Coordinate plane

    ·        Draw polygons in Coordinate plane and find length, width, and area of figures

    ·        Addition/subtraction positive and negative

    ·        Multiplication/division positive and negative

    ·        Problem solving using (4) operations positive and negative

    ·        EOG review