• Russell Jr,Carl
    Carl "Rat" Russell, Jr.
    Team Manager
    Inducted in 2014
    Carl Russell, Jr. began helping with the team in 1959, his freshman year; the year the football team was undefeated.  As a manager, he did not get a lot of glory, received little recognition, but played an integral role in the success of the team.  As manager, he helped wrap ankles, shoulders, fingers, and whatever was needed.  On road trips, he organized the room, uniforms, and equipment.  Every Wednesday, he wold wash game uniforms for the team's Thursday or Friday games and ensured the equipment was ready for each player.  Each Atkins team received the maximum benefit of Mr. Russell's enthusiasm and abilities.  His words of encouragement to each player was, "do the very best you can and you will be a winner in your heart." While the manager is always the unheralded position, to Carl Russell, Jr., the team manager position was very important to the success of the team.