•          November brought the FALL FESTIVAL & MATH DAY at our adopted school, Kimberely Park Elementary School.  
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      We had volunteer members come out and play in the game room with the students.
      There was a football throw into a shark's mouth, a bean bag throw, the circle dance number game, the lollipop surprise game, and the balloon number game.                 
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    Along with some great music, we all enjoyed ourselves.
    The children were courteous and fun.... and so very LITTLE!!!
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    They were also treated to a nice meal. There was a choice of hot dogs or home made chicken stew, with delicious cornbread! All of which were welcomed on a chilly night!
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    All the kids had a fun night and everyone was happy to be there!
    There were some other volunteers from Winston Salem State University, and they helped the teachers with the Math portion of the evening.
    Thank you to Dr. Baker and her faculty for the opportunity to help.
    We look forward to doing it again next year!