Final Exam/Testing Information

  • In preparation for final exams, student should complete/adhere to the following:

    1. Exams are scheduled to take assessment(s) surveying their knowledge and mastery of skills as specified in the North Carolina CTE Essential Standard.

    2. Should attempt each question/prompt on the assessment.

    3. Should bring two sharpened No. 2 pencils (for paper-pencil assessments)

    4. Should use school issued/approved graph paper, if applicable

    5. Will be provided information regarding the use of calculators during the administration of NC CTE assessment.

    6. Should not bring extra blank paper, dictionaries, reference books, textbooks, cell phones, mp3 players, cameras, smartpens, music, thesauruses, or computers to the assessment site; and

    7. Will be informed of any local and state policies regarding the use of assessment results.