• Respect

    Ms. Jones' Classroom Expectations:

    I have 2 main rules that I will expect all of my students to abide by. Each and every one
    of my students will be held to these standards every day in order to foster a
    positive learning environment for all students.
    1)  You will be RESPECTFUL to your peers, yourself, & me.
    2)  You will come to class PREPARED. Every. Single. Day.
    This means coming to class on time with your
    math log, binder, homework, pencil, etc.
    Academic Honor Code:
    Collaboration on homework or classwork is often an essential part of learning in my classroom.  However, collaboration on tests, quizzes or projects will NOT be tolerated. Your work effort and assignments must be your own. Violations to this policy will include, but are not limited to-- receiving a 0 for the assignment as well as being reported to Administration. The school's Academic Honor Code will be strictly followed.