WALWIK 2015

    You will be responsible for writing six briefing papers for this term, one for each country of study and each worth 200 points. These will be due every two weeks and must be typed.

    Your papers will focus on the following topics:

    1. The Comparative Method

    2. Sovereignty, Authority, and Power

    3. Political and Economic Change

    4. Citizens, Society, and the State

    5. Political Institutions

    6. Public Policy


    In addition you will focus on goal 3, Identifying patterns of political processes and behavior and analyzing their political and economic consequences, and goal 4, Comparing and contrasting political institutions and processes across countries. You must use a minimum of two sources beyond that of your text book, proper citation is required.*

    Using the topics and goals as a foundation write a 4-5 page summary, (double spaced, and it needs to be a hard copy). As part of the summary you need to include a discussion about a recent event that has occurred, (recent being in the last 6 months), that has not only impacted the country but also has had international ramifications, you will also need to give a brief historical background surrounding the event.

    You will work in assigned teams to complete this project. However you must turn in your own paper, (if I determine that two papers are to "similar" then both papers will have 50 points deducted). No team members may use the same current event in their paper as another team member. Each two weeks you will meet with your team during class, twice in the media center and once in the classroom. (note: if this time is not being utilized I will revoke this time).

Last Modified on January 9, 2015