• March 2010        

    I. Introduction. The purpose of this Regulation is to set forth the requirements for participation in athletic summer conditioning programs, workouts and/or skill development sessions.     

    II. Requirements.            


    A. Summer conditioning programs, workouts and skill development sessions must be voluntary and open to all qualifying students. Coaches may not require a qualifying student to participate in a summer conditioning program, workout or skill development session as a requirement for participation on an athletic team.     


    B. Students must provide proof of current health insurance or be currently enrolled in a WS/FCS approved student accident insurance program.  If a student’s health insurance expires before the end of a school year, the student’s parent, legal guardian or custodian must provide proof of renewed health insurance or purchase a WS/FCS approved student accident insurance program.     


    C. Students must provide proof of a current physical examination and be cleared to participate in athletics or extra-curricular activities.        


    D. Students must be currently enrolled or approved by the WS/FCS for enrollment in the school at which summer conditioning, workouts and/or skill development sessions are to occur.


    E. Students must follow and/or meet all other North Carolina High School Athletic Association and WS/FCS requirements, rules, policies and regulations.    

    Adopted: February 2010