• Directions for The American Dream
    On the notecard you received when you walked in answer the following questions, Do not write your name on the notecard
    1. How many siblings do you have?
    2. What is the best Halloween costume you ever wore?
    3. Do you have a job? If so, what is it?
    4. You are on death row and get to choose your final meal. What is it?
    5. What is the American Dream to you? 
    When you are finished I will collect your notecard. 
    Directions for Text Manipulation
    Choose a page from the stack. How can you manipulate the words and letters that are there to express something about who you are? Be creative. In a world that so often tries to define us or pin us into a box, how can you use language to express yourself and your unique perspective?
    Feel free to use words, letters, sentences, to draw pictures, to use color, to do whatever you want, but make sure the resulting page expresses some facet of who you are! 
    Directions for Guessing Goals
    Do not write your name on your card. 
    On your note card write a profession, career or long term goal that you hope to accomplish along with three things you need to  focus on in order to reach this goal. 
    I will collect your note card and then redistribute them to the class. When you have a note card, you must find the person it belongs to and then introduce that person to the class.  
    Directions for Would You Rather...
    Draw an either/or slip from the pot. Choose a partner and discuss which choice you would make and why. While you are chatting, get to know each other because you will be introducing your partner.