Webquest of Arabian Peninsula:
    Mapping and Adaptation of People Activity of the Arabian Peninsula
    Here is the map and key along with the reading we completed on the Arabian Peninsula.
     Islamic Research Activity:
     Today's assignment, you will be researching information to answer 1 of the following questions.  On Friday, you will write at least 2 paragraphs and draw an illustration to answer this question.  Make sure when you research that you gather enough information to be successful in your writing. 
    1.  How did the cultural expressions reflect Islamic values?  What role does religion play in cultural expression?
    2.  Do you think the spread of Islam lead to the growth of trade and technology?  Defend your answer with your research.
    3.  How did a disagreement over leadership following Muhammad's death affect Islam?  Tell which side you agree with and defend it with your research.
    You will use the following links below to research your information and take notes.
    Cultural Achievements of  Islam and Muslim Empires: (Choose 3)
    Technology & Trade:  (Choose 3)
    Islamic Law: 
    5 Pillars of Islam- We learned about the basic tenets of  Islam.  We did a jigsaw activity and you became an expert on 1 pillar to share with your group.  You also had to make a connection about your life with the pillars.  Here is the reading we used to help us fill out the graphic organizer.
    Muslim Contribution Gallery Walk- On Thursday, 2.11.16, we did a gallery walk on Muslim contributions and how they influenced our world today.  Choose 8 contributions you would like to learn about and complete your graphic organizer with these by reading the information.  The gallery walk cards are attached below.  You should have your graphic organizer from the make up tray from class. On your inside folder, you are to do the advertisement assignment below.