• Old Richmond Elementary Media Center Polices :  Teachers & Staff Members

    The mission of the ORES Media Center is to support 21st century teaching and learning within our school community.  Our focus is on delivering a challenging and supportive environment for children, that is fueled by recognizing and stimulating individual talents while promoting continuous academic, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth.  Each student will be given the instructional opportunities and support needed to become a 21st century critical thinker and lifelong learner.   

    In order to meet the teaching and learning needs of our school community, our media center uses a fixed and flexible schedule.  Mrs. Cox enjoys collaborating with teachers to plan, co-teach, and assess instructional activities.  Teachers are encouraged to schedule collaborative planning and teaching sessions in advance. 

    Students are expected to have excellent conduct while participating in media center instructional activities and events. 

    Teachers may send 1-2 students to check out materials in the media center on a hall pass throughout the day under normal circumstances.   Teachers may call ahead or make advanced arrangements for small groups of students who need to use the media center. The media center may not be available for small groups at the last minute. 

    Teachers should avoid checking out materials in their name on behalf of students, as lost materials by students will be added as fine on the teacher’s account.  Mrs. Cox is happy to assist students with materials selection.  Feel free to direct students who having difficulty finding information for a project or a book for pleasure reading to Mrs. Cox for assistance.  Also, teachers may check-out materials for year-long use, but must check-in those materials back into the media center at the end of the school year.  All materials must be turned in at the end of the school year for inventory purposes.  

Last Modified on May 30, 2021