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    What is a Concussion?
    A concussion is a brain injury that:
    • Is caused by a blow to the head or body.
      • From contact with another player, hitting the ground, or being hit by a piece of equipment such as a bat or lacrosse stick.
    • Can change the way your brain usually works.
    • Can range from mild to severe.
    • Presents itself differently in each athlete.
    • Can occur in practice or competition.
    • Can happen even if you do not lose consciousness. 
    What are symptoms of a Concussion?                                                         
    Concussion symptoms include:
    • Amnesia
    • Confusion
    • Headache
    • Loss of consciousness
    • Balance problems
    • Dizziness
    • Double or fuzzy vision
    • Sensitivity to light or noise
    • Nausea (feeling like you might vomit)
    • Feeling sluggish, foggy or groggy
    • Feeling irritable
    • Concentration problems
    • Memory problems (forgetting game plays, facts)
    • Slowed reaction time
    Concussion symptoms can occur immediately following injury to several hours/days after the injury has occurred.  Exercise or activities that involve a lot of concentration, such as studying, working on the computer, or playing video games may cause concussion symptoms to get worse or reappear.
    What Should I do if I think I have a concussion?
    • Don't hide it!
      • Tell your athletic trainer or coach.  Never ignore a blow to the head.  Also, tell your athletic trainer and coach if one of your teammates might have a concussion.  
    • Report it.
      • Do not return to participation in a game, practice or other activity with symptoms.  The sooner you get checked out, the sooner you may be able to return to play.
    • Get checked out.
      • See your athletic trainer or physician for evaluation.
    • Take time to recover. 
      • If you have had a concussion, your brain needs time to heal.  While your brain is still healing, you are much more likely to have a repeat concussion.  In rare cases, repeat concussions can cause permanent brain damage, and even death.  Severe brain injury can change your whole life.
    NC state law requires any athlete showing ANY sign of a concussion be removed from practice or contest for the remainder of the day and be evaluated by a medical professional trained in the management of concussions.       
    Brain Wrap

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