RJ Reynolds Piano Classes Course Syllabus

    Courses 5216, 5217, 5218 (honors) 5219 (Honors)

    Yearlong:  1 Credit

    4 Levels of Requirements:

    Piano Classes Levels and Requirements for Each Level


    Course # 5216 (Beginning Class Piano)

    Less than one year of experience playing the piano.

    Desire to play and learn to read music in both hands and play hands together.

    Willing to perform with and for others.

    Willing to learn major, minor scales and arpeggios. 

    Willing to perform in Piano Showcase.


    Course #5217 (Intermediate Class Piano)

    Have a minimum of one year of prior piano experience or equivalence.

    Can already play major, minor scales, and arpeggios.

    Willing to sight-read both Treble and Bass Clefs with hands together.

    Willing to learn and perform four solo piano pieces (one each from Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern Style-Periods).

    Willing to perform in ensembles.

    Willing to perform in Piano Showcase.


    Course #5218 (Proficient Honors Class Piano)

    More than 2 years of prior piano experience minimum or equivalence.

    Willing to learn 4 solo pieces from Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern Styles Periods. 

    Can already play music at Early Intermediate Level 3 or above.

    Can already play all major, minor, scales, arpeggios plus Chord Progressions I, IV, I, V7, I in all keys.

    Willing to Sight-read music for ensembles and solos.

    Willing to arrange and/or compose 2 pieces for Class Ensemble using Garage Band, Sibelius or Finale Software.

    Willing to research one composer or style period of choice and create 15-minute class presentation including performances of at least 3 complete works of the composer or style period.

    Willing to perform in Piano Showcase.


    Course #5219 (Advanced Honors Piano Class)

    More than 3-4 years minimum of prior experience or *equivalence.

    Can already perform piano music at Early Advanced levels or above. 

    Willing to learn 2 major piano works during the year. 

    Perform in 2 out-of-class situations.

    Willing to perform in master classes or competitions or concerts in and outside of school.

    Can play all major, minor, scales, arpeggios plus Chord Progressions and all inversions of I, IV, I, V7, I.

    Willing to learn pentatonic, blues scales, modes and read chord charts.

    Willing to volunteer a total of 10 documented hours tutoring other students, or 10 hours as a Service Helper for Arts Community Agencies or events or combination of both where piano is a part of the service.

    Willing to Arrange 2 Ensemble pieces for class using Music Software.

    Create Written Resume of Piano Experiences.

    Willing to perform on Piano Showcase.


    *Equivalence includes outside of school private lessons and/or perform exit standard of previous level for advancement.  Intermediate. Proficient or Advanced levels have to be auditioned.



    Instructor Dr. Bruce Moss                                      

    Class Location: Room 604 in Arts Building

    Telephone: 336-575-1000                                                                                                                

    E-mail: rbmoss@wsfcs.k12.nc.us or



    Materials Needed:  Ear buds or headphones, 1 flash drive (2 or more gigs), 1 spiral-bound notebook of staff paper.



    This class is designed for both beginners and moderately advanced Keyboard students who are interested in learning basic performance techniques and music terminology. Students will also be playing piano ensemble music while developing sight-reading and piano techniques. 

    *All students are required to perform in Piano Showcase (May 13 at 7:00) and to attend the dress rehearsal on Tues. May 12 from 4 - 6:00.



    The students will be able to:

                Perform hands together;

                 Read basic music notation through performance and tests;

                 Research and present background of composer and music being studied;

                 Demonstrate skills of proper fingering techniques for learning music;

                 Read at sight music literature geared toward individual levels of achievement;

                 Develop growth in music reading and performing.

                 Show understanding of rhythmic patterns, dynamic marking, notation on grand staff,

                Perform tonic, dominant and subdominant chords plus major, minor scales and arpeggios;

                Perform for class and Piano Showcase.



    Pieces selected from Yamaha Class Piano Text (supplied); handouts, and by downloading (license free) music from Internet and individual student arrangements.



                1.  Students are required to maintain their own music, notebooks, research, answering test questions, and copying/answering Essential Questions for every class – 30%;

                2.  Students will be graded in every class on amount of work accomplished towards performances, ensembles and researching composers while adding positively to discussions – 50%;

                3.  Performing or participating in extra-curricular concerts either in school or outside of school 10 -20%.


    *Grades will be reduced for disruptions, unnecessary interruptions cellphone use or leaving class without permission.

    I/we understand the requirements and expectations:

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