Seminar in Arts: Instruments

    Dr. B. Moss (rbmoss@wsfcs.k12.nc.us)  – 604 Jones Arts Building


    Welcome to Seminar in Arts (“SIA”) Instruments.  In this class (instruments rotation) of Seminar in the Arts, students will observe musical connections to their lives through musical instruments.   Instruments, including world instruments, represent many artistic ideas and social interactions.  Students will also improve their listening skills.

                In order to obtain the highest possible grade for this segment of SIA, students should be present everyday and participate in all class activities. These include meaningful discussions, maintain a daily notebook, work in groups, and produce individual projects. Class work and notebooks and final test represent 60% of the total grade. Students will also present three individual Projects (40%).

    1.     List of World Instruments with Pictures and Web Pages for Class;

    2.     Homemade Instrument not to exceed $5.00 for class presentation;

    3.     Final Timeline project of their choosing by permission of the instructor concerning instruments, musical periods, favorite current artist or group for class presentation.


    Materials Needed


    1.     A spiral-bound notebook with at least one pocket for keeping handouts;  (Students will keep all segments

    of Seminar in the Arts) in this notebook for each 4 ½ week rotation change);

    2.  A single subject spiral-bound college notebook for handing in daily journals of activities

    and main ideas to be turned in periodically to the instructor for a grade,

    3.  Pencils, pens, highlighters.

    4.  A flash drive would be helpful.


    Class Rules and Expectations:


    1. Students will need to be on time each day;
    2. Do their individual best to make the music, discussions and atmosphere meaningful for the class

    while demonstrating good audience etiquette and respect for colleagues and teacher;

    1. Turn in a projects and notebooks on time as indicated on the schedule;
    2. Avoid disrupting, interrupting, eating, drinking, gum or cell phones seen or used.


    *Failure to abide by class rules and procedures will result in additional work regarding classroom

     and performance expectations with possible parental contacts and disciplinary action.




    Weeks1-2 – Basic Acoustics and Listening Skills:

    a.     How the ear works;

    b.     Acoustical information;


    Weeks 2-3 - Choose an 5 world instruments from “world classification of instruments” categories,

          with pictures, and music then present to class;


    Weeks 3-4- Build a “Homemade” instrument not to exceed $5.00 and perform for class;


    Weeks 4-5; Timeline Project”

    a.     Present to the class a “timeline” of a current musical genre, artist or group using Posters,

    Power Point, Animoto, Audacity, Prezi or other Media Formats.

    b.  Bibliography of personal associations with music formatted as a “timeline with pictures.


    *Exams will be taken directly from notebook entries.  Final presentations are no later than within

    last 3 days of rotation.   Students may earn Extra Credit within first 10 minutes of every class

    if they choose.



    Signatures   I/we understand the expectations and rules of this class:

    Student _______________________________, Date _______

    Parent/Guardian ________________________, Date _______





    Grading Rubric

    Notebooks and Final test 30%

    Class Participation and Activities 30%

    Extra Credit Possible 1st 10 minutes of class.

    Maintain links plus pictures of World Instruments

    Three (3) Individual Projects for Class Presentation

    (Included in the 40% Projects Grade)


    For an A;

    Notebooks maintained for each SIA class.

    Maintain music terminology in notebooks with dates, essential questions and answers with descriptions; (10%)

    Test (20%) will be taken from notebooks and class discussions Exam are “open notebook Exam.”


    “Positive” Class Participation in discussions; (30%);

    High-level use of vocabulary and word choice in discussions;

    Is helpful to peers in all activities and group activities;

    Avoids unnecessary disruptions or interruptions during class and performances.

    Demonstrates understanding of proper “audience” etiquette” 100% of performances at all times.



    Maintain list of links to “World” instruments with pictures and web sites according to special selected classifications;

    (Project 1) Present 5 World Instruments to class with Websites and pictures and citations;

    *Meets all group schedule       deadlines.




    1.  Project 1 (10%) Present 5 World instruments to Class the Classification list; (10%);


    2.  Project 2 - Making and playing a “homemade Instrument” (10%)


    3.  Project 3 - Final Timeline project (20%) presented to class of a current composer, group or a personal biography timeline of music in their lives. 


    This individual presentation can be a Power point, Prezi, Animoto or poster. It should be engaging, not all read aloud, and include both music and some pictures.


    *All presentations must be pre-approved by the teacher.

    For a B;

    Notebooks included with Class Participation grade;

    Lacking some detail or labels for dates with entries;

    Main bullets present but do not relate to a broader subject or Essential Question or answers.

    Maintain vocabulary lists and definitions.

    Class discussion:  Students will be able to articulate and to write 6-9 reasons or their musical choices;

    Uses music terminology in discussions and maintains terminology lists;

    Demonstrates an understanding of proper “audience” etiquette” 100% of performances at all times

    List of Instruments good but lacking some labels or pictures;

    Project meets requirements but some pictures, explanation or details missing.

    Sources cited.

    Meets schedule deadlines.


    Student reads large sections of presentation to class;

    Average amount of multimedia.

    Presentation captures some audience attention with resulting questions.

    For a C or D;

    Entries present but lacking examples or illustrations. Low-level use of vocabulary and word choice or empty entries;

    Notebooks handed in after posted due date.


    Class discussion:  Students will be able to clearly articulate 1-3 instrumental choices based their class notes.

    Some Vocabulary or definitions missing;

    Demonstrates understanding of proper “audience” etiquette” 100% of performances at all times.

    Links and presentation appear to be minimally prepared without creativity or direction;

    Links are not cited

    Multimedia loosely illustrates the main points.

    Presentation does not capture audience attention.

    Presentation is loosely presented.

    Presentation lacking in pictures or other media.

    *F   If one or more of the minimal requirements are not met including projects presented on time.