Third Quarter



    This quarter we will spend a lot of time looking at and learning about adding and subtracting fluently.  We will also work with equal groups to gain foundations for multiplication.  We will also use place value to better understand addition and subtraction. Finally we will solve word problems involving money!





    We will continue working in our Imagine It series!  Our next unit will be Look Again which is all about animals.  Be sure to ask your child what story we are reading that week.  We will be using various comprehension strategies including author's purpose, compare and contrast, sequencing, as well as others.  We also are talking and learning about the different genres of books.





      We will continue to work with persuasive  and writing from a variety of prompts.  I will model the writing process each time and allow them to write on their own as well.  We are working on following all of the steps within the writing process for each piece that we write.





    We will spend this quarter learning and gaining understanding of solids and liquids and the changes they undergo.




    Social Studies: 

    This quarter we will look at and use geographic representations, terms, and technology to process information from a special perspective