• Proposed Revisions


    1. Policy 3250 on Student Fees: The Board is considering proposed revisions to Policy 3250.2 Student Fees, which is reviewed annually.  There are a number of proposed changes.  While the Board is interested in getting feedback about the policy in its entirety prior to its next work session, the Board is particularly interested in getting feedback about the highlighted areas on the draft policy.  Some of the Board members have discussed reducing or eliminating the athletics fees.  Also, since the proposed Technology Use Fee is a new fee, there are several questions about the feasibility of imposing that fee for the next school year.  PUBLIC COMMENT ON THIS ITEM CLOSES 6/7/21.
    Submit all comments on proposed revisions to dtjenkins@wsfcs.k12.nc.us


    Board Policy Committee Agenda

     The next Board Policy Committee meeting agenda can be accessed using the following link:


    Board Policy Committee Meeting Agenda


    Please note that the agenda may be adjusted at any time prior to the meeting date.  For more information about the policy development process, please review Board Policy 2431, which can be downloaded from the link provided.