• Proposed Revisions


    1. Policy 9000 Bylaws:  The Board Policy Committee has proposed several changes to Board Policy 9000 Bylaws in regards to how public comments will be accepted during regularly scheduled school board meetings.     PUBLIC COMMENT ON THIS ITEM CLOSES 7/31/19.
    2. Policy 3250.2 Student Fees:  The Board Policy Committee has proposed a few increase to district-wide student fees.  The Magnet Express supervision fee will increase from $3/day to $5/day (after the first hour, until 6:00 PM).  Also, athletic entry fees for varsity and junior varsity basketball and football will increase from $6.00 to $7.00.  In addition, fees for Swimming, Track and field, and soccer will increase to $6.00, and all other sports will remain at $6.00.  PUBLIC COMMENT ON THIS ITEM CLOSES 7/31/19.


    Submit all comments on proposed revisions to dtjenkins@wsfcs.k12.nc.us


    Board Policy Committee Agenda


    The public is invited to speak about agenda items during Board Policy Committee meetings. The next Board Policy Committee meeting agenda can be accessed using the following link:


    Board Policy Committee Meeting Agenda


    Please note that the agenda may be adjusted at any time prior to the meeting date.  For more information about the policy development process, please review Board Policy 2431, which can be downloaded from the link provided.