• Keeping the Peace
    The following are my rules for keeping the peace in our classroom.
    1.  Come to class.  Do not skip any classes!
    2.  Be honest. 
    3.  Always try your best!  Please don't be lazy. I am here to help you, but first you must help yourself.
    4.  Use your technology respectfully.  Thanks!
    5.  Eating and drinking should be done in the cafeteria or the picnic table area, not in classrooms.
    6.  Take pride in our school and our classroom.  Please recycle any papers that you don't need in the green recycling bins and throw all other trash in the trash cans. 
    7.  Be on time for class.
    8.  Be kind and respect everyone.  Treat others the way you want to be treated.
    9.  Most importantly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!  Sometimes school will be hard, but don't give up!  All of the ESL teachers are here to help you and want to help you.
    Keepint the Peace
    Do more than belong, participate.
    Do more than care, help.
    Do more than belive, practice.
    Do more than forgive, forget.
    Do more than dream, work.
Last Modified on June 14, 2013